Bulky Stage Muscle Gap Offset Hook


The Hayabusa Fishing Bulky Stage Muscle Gap Offset Hook introduces bass anglers to the ideal multi-purpose wide gap offset bass fishing hook.  Designed with a black matte finish and forged materials for strength, durability, and sharpness, this wide gap hook provides enough space for a longer, methodically timed hookset – the type of hookset required when using a soft plastic frog, larger soft plastic stick baits, wider and bulkier craw and/or creature soft baits, and much bulkier soft plastic swimbaits.  The Bulky Stage Muscle Gap Offset Hook is precisely the hook design an angler needs when fishing larger soft baits that require, even if limited, some movement and, due to the bait’s size, require more space for the bait to collapse without compromising a quality hookset.

Bulky Stage Muscle Gap Offset Fishing Hook Sizes

5/0 (4 per package) and 6/0 (4 per package)


Bulky Stage Muscle Gap Offset Hook – Bass Fishing Hook for Soft Plastic Swimbaits and Frogs

Who doesn’t enjoy fishing with a soft plastic frog, horny toad, or swimbait?  Hayabusa Fishing knows how much you enjoy fishing movement-oriented soft plastic baits.  Because of these popular fishing soft baits, fishermen need the correct fishing hook to maximize how many fish are caught. Fishermen of all experience levels use these larger, movement-oriented bass fishing baits if the right hook is available. For example, smaller wide gap fishing hooks, due to less room for baits, do not work as well.  Largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass violently strike these types of soft plastic baits.  It’s important that bass anglers choose the right fishing hook from the start – to prevent losing quality bass. This hook’s wide gap offset construction provides enough space for the bait to collapse upon hookset without ripping the bait from its resting place. The hook’s ultra sharp point and S-Curve keeps soft plastic baits in place.

The Hayabusa Fishing Bulky Stage Muscle Gap Offset Hook works with large-bodied, bulkier, and wider soft baits.  As with other Hayabusa Fishing hooks, sharpness is a central feature. Hayabusa’s Original Point (press formed, unique hook point) and forged black matte finish make this fishing hook a number one option for many fishermen. This wide gap offset fishing hook should always accompany a bass fishermen in the boat, kayak, or tackle box.  Bass anglers who plan to fish a variety of soft plastic frogs and/or swimbaits should purchase both the 5/0 and 6/0 hook sizes to ensure a snug fit on the hook. The 5/0, 6/0, and 7/0 Ken Iyobe WRM 958 Wide Gap Screw Lock is also an option when fishing the above mentioned types of soft baits – for those situations when a tapered screw lock feature is advantageous to use.

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