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Bulky Stage Wide Gap Offset Hook


Hayabusa Fishing’s Bulky Stage is the lil’ brother of the Hayabusa Bulky Stage Muscle Gap hook. This hook features a strong gauge wire – has minimal flex providing excellent hooking power. The wide gap bend of the hook and slightly curved-in hook point provide excellent hook-up capabilities and help prevent bass from escaping. Designed for use with large shad-style baits, the wide gap easily accommodates bulkier soft baits.

These elite, high-grade fishing hooks are manufactured in Japan.  Hayabusa Fishing – the pride of Japan – has manufactured  uncompromising, high quality hooks since 1958.

Bulky Stage Wide Gap Offset Fishing Hook Sizes

5/0 (4 per package) and 6/0 (4 per package)


Bulky Stage Wide Gap Offset Hook – Bass Fishing Hook for Bulky, Wide Soft Baits

Bass anglers who fish craw soft baits, creature baits, and swimbaits need the Bulky Stage Wide Gap Offset Hook.  Because Hayabusa Fishing designed this fishing hook for longer cast fishing with bulkier soft baits, bass anglers now have access to an advanced fishing hook design that increases hookset-to-hookup ratios – a design that enhances a soft bait’s performance (strike-producing movements) and protects a soft bait’s physical integrity from the natural wear-and-tear that accompanies repeated long casts (Z Crank provides a stable platform to keep soft baits in place).  Furthermore, the Bulky Stage Wide Gap Offset Hook has a balanced curved-in hook point that is critical for quality hookset penetration that keeps a largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass hooked for the duration of a fishing lure’s retrieval.

Swimbait bass fishing grows each year. Bass anglers who want to use the ideal balanced wide gap offset fishing hook for small-to-medium sized swimbaits have come to the right place! Hayabusa Fishing’s Bulky Stage Wide Gap Offset Hook works exceptionally well as the hooking device for small-to-medium sized swimbaits, equally as effective with wider, bulkier craw soft baits and creature baits.  Essentially, any movement-oriented, big-bodied soft plastics that require more space for deeper penetrative hooksets work with this fishing hook.  However, fishermen looking for a similarly designed fishing hook for soft plastic frogs, medium-to-large swimbaits, or even larger soft plastic baits should consider using the Hayabusa Fishing’s Bulky Stage Muscle Gap Offset Hook.

Bulky Stage Wide Gap Offset Hook – Made for Movement

Bass anglers want dependable fishing hooks that work effectively with the specific fishing techniques he/she wants to use.  Hayabusa Fishing specializes in manufacturing unique, fishing-technique specific hooks that bring soft plastics to life. Thus, it increases catching more fish and decreasing losing fish. Ultimately, it facilitates a productive day on the water. The Bulky Stage Wide Gap Offset Hook empowers fishermen with a movement-oriented large soft plastics’ hook. This is especially important for fishing situations which include long-distance hooksets and long-distance casting.  This revolutionary design puts bass fishermen in the driver seat to catch more fish and better fish.  Never leave the ramp without several packages!

Key Fishing Hook Features

  • Z Crank prevents baits from sliding, keeps baits positioned for effective movements, and aids in more effective bait-collapsing hooksets.
  • The Curved-In hook point penetrates deeper but simultaneously prevents fish from coming off.
  • Medium-sized wire gauge (neither too thick nor too thin) allows for longer casting and hooksets without bending or breaking.
  • Wide Gap, Offset construction works with larger soft baits, especially craw baits, creature baits, and small-to-medium swimbaits.