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Little Shaker Wacky Head


Hayabusa Fishing engineers multi-purpose power fishing hooks and finesse fishing hooks that bass fishermen trust for a variety of fishing conditions and bass fishing patterns. Wacky worm bass fishing has an extended history of catching cautious bass who experience pressured fishing over a number of days, weeks, and years.  Over time, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass adapt to their underwater surroundings, and pressured fisheries condition these bass to a variety of lures, presentations, and soft plastic baits.

The Little Shaker Wacky Head is a weighted wacky worm fishing hook that offers bass a different look and feel than traditional wacky worm fishing.  This unique fishing hook’s V-Bend construction ensures largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass are hooked the first time without fail.  As a bass fights, the V-Bend angle digs the Hayabusa Original Point hook point deeper.  The weighted head design and short shank power a balanced, consistent rate of fall that bass cannot resistance, further enhanced by precise rod tip movements and twitches.  The Little Shaker Wacky Head maximizes your opportunities to catch bass in short distances – both horizontally (fished similarly to a Texas Rig) and vertically (fished similarly to a drop shot).

Little Shaker Wacky Head Fishing Hook Sizes

#3 with 1/32 oz (4 per package), #3 with 1/20 oz (4 per package), #3 with 1/16 oz (4 per package), #1 with 1/20 oz (4 per package), #1 with 1/16 oz (4 per package), and #1 with 1/13 oz (4 per package)

  WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.


Little Shaker Wacky Head – Wacky Worm Bass Fishing Hook

Bass fishermen who prefer power fishing often scoff at finesse fishing techniques! Wacky worm fishing, drop shot fishing, split shot fishing, or any light line, slow, and methodical  produce big bass.  Truth is, even on big bass lakes where pressured fishing is a daily occurrence, finesse bass fishing can be quite effective. Wacky worm fishing is a fishing technique and style that works even in stained waters – either shallow or deep. The waving, fluttering movement of wacky style fishing baits as they descend triggers inactive bass into fiery, thunderous strikes. The Worm 201 Wacky and WRM 961 Finesse Wacky are examples of traditional wacky hooks. However, Hayabusa Fishing’s Little Shaker Wacky Head introduces bass anglers to a slightly different wacky worm presentation. Though the differences between the three fishing hooks may seem minor, the presentation created both all three differ greatly.

The innovative Spin Muscle Finesse Hook brought forth the engineered V-Bend technology (ensuring hook points penetrate deeper, limiting fish coming off). The Little Shaker Wacky Head uses the same hook technology! Three important physical components work together to improve the soft bait’s action: a low balance weighted head (weight transference from front to back), a short shank with Hayabusa Original Point (more durable sharp hook point), and V-Bend technology (deeper hook penetration). All three components enable bass fishermen to fully utilize rod twitches, rod cadences, and reel-to-rod-twitch movements. Hayabusa Fishing designed the Little Shaker Wacky Head for bass anglers who want an active wacky worm presentation.

Little Shaker Wacky Head Suggestions/Tips

  • Use with light fishing line for more action, movement, and fluttering.  However, if movement isn’t the focus but rate of fall is, use slightly stronger line.
  • While some wacky soft baits take a long time to descend, the Little Shaker Wacky Head improves the action and rate of fall.  Use with your larger profile soft plastics.
  • While some anglers ignore bridge columns/pilings, this is the perfect wacky worm hook to trigger strikes around overpasses and brush piles tied to columns.

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