Power Stage Wide Gap Offset Hooks


Hayabusa Fishing knows how bass anglers enjoy power bass fishing for big largemouth bass, big smallmouth bass, and big spotted bass.  As such, the Power Stage Wide Gap Offset Hook is designed for serious occasions of haulin’ big bass without fear of an inferior fishing hook bending or losing its sharpness.  The Power Stage Wide Gap Offset Hook delivers big bass when other fishing hooks fail to perform.  Forget the days of witnessing your expensive fishing hooks bending, breaking, and/or proving entirely too dull for effective hookset penetration.  The Power Stage Wide Gap Offset Hook is forged for strength, durability, and power.

Power Stage Wide Gap Offset Fishing Hook Sizes

#1 (6 per package), 1/0 (6 per package), 2/0 (6 per package), 3/0 (6 per package), 4/0 (5 per package), and 5/0 (4 per package)


Power Stage Wide Gap Offset Hooks – Multipurpose Bass Fishing Hooks 

Bass anglers across the globe enjoy whacking big bass tournament sacks.  Even more exciting is the potential to catch big largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass on a routine basis. However, many fishing hook manufacturers mass produce inferior wide gap offset fishing hooks that cannot withstand hardcore bass fishing.  Fishermen lose fish all the time during tournament hours. Using the wrong hook (dull, too much flexibility) will cost bass anglers thousands of dollars in lost fish.  Fishermen frequently hear sorrowful tales about what could have been.  Most of the time these tales are accurate, and the culprit is often fishing hooks.  Hayabusa Fishing created the black matte Power Stage Wide Gap Offset Hook to address this problem.

Hayabusa Fishing designed the Power Stage Wide Gap Offset Hook with a forged black matte finish. Hayabusa’s innovating and manufacturing process makes use of Japan’s finest materials. Bent hooks, dull hooks, and broken hooks prove problematic in hardcore fishing situations, but the Power Stage Wide Gap Offset Hook is designed to answer the challenge. Each fishing hook, too, has a top-end S-Curve that secures soft plastic fishing baits in place.  No matter what soft plastic baits you wish to use, the Power Stage Wide Gap Offset Hook’s thick wire gauge can handle all types of fishing situations. Take this opportunity to dissect bass-holding cover with this amazing fishing hook.

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