WRM136 Weedless SP


The WRM136 Weedless SP is the ideal wacky worm drop shot bass fishing hook for anglers who wish to drop shot cover-dominated areas with the added bonus of a wacky worm presentation.  The wire weedguard makes this weedless presentation possible, and the Original Point fishing hook ensures your weedless bass fishing hook is sharp and durable. This finesse fishing weedless hook solves snagging issues in tight cover.

WRM136 Weedless SP Fishing Hook Sizes

2 (5 per pack), 3 (5 per pack), and 4 (5 per pack)


WRM136 Weedless SP – Weedless Finesse Bass Fishing Hook

The Hayabusa Fishing WRM136 Weedless SP provides anglers with more options for weedless drop shot finesse bass fishing.  While the WRM 136 can also be used for traditional wacky worm bass fishing, it excels as a weedless drop shot wacky worm hook. It reduces snags and tangles that slow down fishing.  Hayabusa Fishing’s created the Original Point – a unique press-formed sharp and durable hook point  – for quicker hook penetration. Hayabusa Fishing designed the WRM 136 with a silver wire guard and black matte color hook. This weedless hook improves your wacky worm drop shot bass fishing in cover-dominated areas.

Bass anglers who utilize this revolutionary technology will yield remarkable results.  Basically, with this hook tied on, bass fishermen access two finesse fishing presentations in one hook design.  Simply rig your soft plastic bait wacky style on the hook and tie the hook for a drop shot presentation.  When the fishing proves difficult, this is the precise fishing hook a bass fisherman needs to catch a five-fish limit.  Competitive bass tournament anglers trust the WRM 136 Weedless SP to trigger reaction and hunger strikes when it counts the most.

If you are looking for a 100% weedless wacky worm fishing hook, be sure to check out Hayabusa Fishing‘s revolutionary WRM 202 Weedless Wacky SP.

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