WRM262 Offset Narrow Gap Worm Hook


Hayabusa Fishing created the black matte WRM262 Offset Narrow Gap Worm Hook for slimmer soft plastic fishing baits.  Due to its longer shank and remarkable offset design, this bass fishing hook is capable of exploring tight cover areas where other fishing hooks might snag.  As with Hayabusa Fishing’s other soft plastic fishing hooks, the WRM262 Offset Narrow Gap Worm Hook features Hayabusa’s Original Point for supreme sharpness and ultimate hook penetration while also including the S-Curve top-end to hold soft plastics in place, which reduces snags and tearing up your favorite soft plastic fishing baits.

WRM262 Offset Narrow Gap Worm Bass Fishing Hook Sizes

1/0 (5 per package), 2/0 (5 per package), and 3/0 (5 per package)



WRM262 Offset Narrow Gap Worm Hook – Fishing Hooks for Slimmer Soft Plastic Baits

Hayabusa Fishing focuses on creating practical fishing hooks that address difficult situations that competitive bass fishermen experience.  Reducing snags and tangles while bass fishing decreases frustrations and increases fishing.  Hayabusa Fishing realized that a more compact offset bass fishing hook would eliminate troublesome snags.  The black matte WRM262 Offset Narrow Gap Worm Hook solves this problem!  Smaller and slimmer finesse fishing baits work perfectly with this fishing hook. Fishermen who identify a specific fishing pattern that involves smaller baits should use this fishing hook. However, never forget to experiment with this versatile fishing hook as the situation deems it necessary.

Smaller soft plastic baits do produce big largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass, so use correctly sized fishing hooks to improve your chances! The WRM262 Offset Narrow Gap Worm Hook is made of the finest Japanese materials with Hayabusa Fishing’s Original Point hook point sharpness.  This fishing hook performs at the highest level in terms of sharpness, durability, and precise eye-to-point offset angles.  These key hook characteristics prevent spooking tentative bass and provide deep hook penetration. Too many bass fishermen randomly choose fishing hooks, but hooks like this one help with specific fishing techniques.  Bass fishermen looking for wider bass fishing hooks should consider Hayabusa Fishing’s Power Stage Hook and WRM 959 Wide Gap Offset Heavy Duty Hook.  Though these two fishing hooks offer tremendous versatility, always include the WRM 262 in your fishing activities.

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