WRM951 Wide Gap Offset Hook


Hayabusa Fishing created the WRM951 Wide Gap Offset Hook over twenty years ago.  At that time, Hayabusa Fishing was a leading innovator in the wide gap offset fishing hook design, as very few hook manufacturers offered this fishing hook design and style.  Today, however, the WRM951 Wide Gap Offset is still relevant and is used primarily for two specific bass fishing techniques – the Carolina Rig and Drop Shot.  Though some anglers may choose to use this black matte fishing hook for Texas Rig, the WRM951 Wide Gap Offset Hook truly excels in the arena of finesse bass fishing.

WRM951 Wide Gap Fishing Hook Sizes

#1 (6 per package), 1/0 (5 per package), #2 (6 per package), 2/0 (5 per package), 3/0 (5 per package), and 4/0 (5 per package)


WRM951 Wide Gap Offset Hook – Bass Fishing Hook for Carolina Rig and Drop Shot

Hayabusa Fishing first released the WRM951 Wide Gap Hook twenty years ago. This fishing hook became a staple product for Japanese bass fishermen. Though it resembles other wide gap offset fishing hooks, it is designed more for Drop Shot and Carolina Rig fishing techniques.  Some bass fishermen will use this fishing hook, though, with Texas Rigged soft plastics. The WRM951 Wide Gap Hook has limited bend with a soft finish that works perfectly for finesse fishing techniques. Its black matte color finish is a Hayabusa standard that fishermen love. Bass anglers looking for a stronger, power fishing hook should consider Hayabusa Fishing’s new NRB (teflon, fluorine coated finish) fishing hooks. The WRM 959 Wide Gap Offset Heavy Duty Hook and Ken Iyobe’s WRM 958 Wide Gap Screw Lock Hook work brilliantly for power fishing.  Additionally, the black nickel Power Delta Hook works well for Texas Rig bass fishing.

Bass anglers who enjoy finesse fishing appreciate the greatness of this fishing hook. It features important hook characteristics that complement finesse fishing techniques. The WRM951 Wide Gap Hook achieves a delicate balance between lighter wire gauge while improving hookset penetration.  Global fishing enthusiasts recognize Hayabusa Fishing products for their incredible sharpness.  This wide gap fishing hook demonstrates this sharpness in action. More and more fishermen rely on Hayabusa Fishing to improve their chances to catch more fish and quality fish. The WRM951 Wide Gap Hook showcases all of the essential fishing hook features for finesse fishing techniques.  If you tend to fish more power-oriented soft plastic lures, Hayabusa Fishing can answer that challenge, too!

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