WRM961 Finesse Wacky


The Hayabusa Fishing WRM961 Finesse Wacky has all the engineering needed for the ultimate super finesse light wire wacky hook. This fishing hook’s design begins with the revolutionary bait pocket that allows the bait to rest perfectly balanced for realistic actions and hook-up performance. The hook design also offers an extended gap between the hook eye and hook point providing optimum line separation form the bait. The WRM961 Finesse Wacky is the right fishing hook when you need a super finesse fishing hook for very light line on clear lakes, on the toughest of days. Hayabusa – the pride of Japan – has been manufacturing uncompromising, high quality hooks since 1958.

WRM961 Finesse Wacky Fishing Hook Sizes

2 (8 per package), 1 (7 per package), and 1/0 (6 per package)


WRM961 Finesse Wacky – Traditional Wacky Worm and Drop Shot Fishing Hook

Hayabusa Fishing designed the WRM961 Finesse Wacky with a smaller, lighter gauge wire that doesn’t spook bass. Finicky largemouth bass, spotted bass, and smallmouth bass give fishermen fits during tournaments. Hayabusa Fishing developed this fishing hook with an emphasis on strength, yet a subtle presentation that doesn’t scare fish. Drop shot fishing uses a wacky worm presentation in many cases. A bass fishermen rigs his/her soft plastic bait just like a traditional wacky worm, but the fishermen ties the hook to the leader line for a drop shot set up. It’s the best of finesse fishing combined – a drop shot wacky worm rig that catches cautiously feeding bass.

In light to moderately covered areas, bass fishermen use this fishing hook solely for wacky worming.  But it is important to remember that an exposed Hayabusa Fishing hook point, due to extreme sharpness, can snag. For more cover-related finesse fishing, please visit the WRM 202 Weedless Wacky SP.  Bass fishermen needing a traditional drop shot and/or wacky worm hook with superior sharpness and thinner wire gauge will find the WRM 961 Finesse Wacky extremely helpful and productive in bringing your finesse soft plastics to life. Take this opportunity to experiment with different Hayabusa wacky worm and drop shot fishing hooks. Each hook variation matches different finesse fishing scenarios. Though many anglers may not use wacky worms all the time, it is beneficial to carry the proper hook just in case.

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