Hayabusa U.S.A. Fishing manufactures elite Japanese fishing hooks for bass fishing, fly fishing, saltwater fishing, and Sabiki fishing.


Hayabusa Fishing USA respects our current and prospective customers’ privacy. We neither share personal information with third parties nor do we use your personal information for unwanted spam. Hayabusa Fishing seeks to accomplish two primary goals for each customer – to manufacture/deliver elite, premium fishing hook products for customers and, finally, to treat each customer with the utmost respect and appreciation.  As such, our privacy policy mirrors these two goals.  In addition to enforcing our protective privacy policy, Hayabusa Fishing ensures that our fishing website is equally protected for a certified safe shopping online environment.

Protecting all of our customers from unwanted spam, third-party inquiries, and/or potentially damaging parties via our website and customers’ interaction with our website are more important than the actual products we manufacture and sell. However, we do reserve the right, in the customer’s best interest, to contact individuals about a given order if necessary – to ensure the order is filled in a timely and acceptable manner. In such cases, a customer’s personal information will solely be used to fill an order via our company – not a third party.

If you have any additional questions and/or concerns about our Privacy Policy, please don’t hesitate to contact Hayabusa Fishing USA.