Hayabusa Fishing Social Media

Hayabusa Fishing social media connects with global customers and fishing enthusiasts. Our unique and innovative fishing hooks and revolutionary fishing components in action are seen throughout all mass social media networks.  Hayabusa Fishing is the number one selling bass fishing hook in Japan and the company is referred to as The Pride of Japan.  No other fishing hook manufacturer invests as much time and effort into product quality control and product testing.  Our commitment to excellence – superior fishing products and customer service – is evident on all social media platforms.

The Hayabusa Fishing Advantage clearly explains why our Japanese fishing hook company stands tall above our competitors, and these fishing hook advantages are captured via fishing images and fishing videos on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube – along with The Hayabusa Blog.  We invite you to join us on social media as we celebrate ingenuity, creativity, innovation, and durability via our fishing hooks in action. The Hayabusa Fishing brand grows globally each day, and our emphasis on capturing this daily, weekly, and yearly growth on social media is a central focus.  Don’t hesitate to follow us on social media platforms and comment and/or tag our posts with your fishing accomplishments while using Hayabusa Fishing products.