Assist Hook 133 – TIN Double – 2cm Leader


Assist Hook 133 – TIN Double – 2cm Leader Sizes – 2 Sets / Pack

#1, 2cm leader, 100lb test
1/0, 2cm leader, 100lb test
2/0, 2cm leader, 100lb test
3/0, 2cm leader, 150lb test
4/0, 2cm leader, 150lb test
5/0, 2cm leader, 150lb test
6/0, 2cm leader, 150lb test


Assist Hook 133 – TIN Double – 2cm Leader

The Hayabusa assist hook is ideal for all types of jigs. The hook is designed with a curved and long tapered point and Hayabusa has applied a super anti-rust Tin coating which prevents corrosion and aids in retaining a sharp hook point.  The hooks components are made of strong firm braided line that helps to keep the hook tangle free from the main line as well as help the hooks stay tight to the jig for best hook up ratio. Available in Single and Double with 1cm & 2cm leader to help anglers to adjust in different conditions. Be sure to attach the assist hook to the eye of a jig to greatly increase hooking power.