Grand Opening: USA Hayabusa Fishing Website

USA Hayabusa Fishing Comes to Life We are proud to unveil the new Hayabusa Fishing website.  Created to sell our US fishing products, especially our unparalleled bass fishing hooks, this new website design provides fishermen with the latest fish-catching products from Japan while also serving as a source of important information as it relates to... Read MoreGrand Opening: USA Hayabusa Fishing Website

Hayabusa Bass Fishing

Hayabusa Fishing might be a new fishing company to United States' anglers, but Hayabusa is a well-known, highly respected company around the world - especially Japan, where our hooks are forged for long-term durability, practical application, and elite sharpness.  Over the last fifteen years, around the world, we have witnessed the bass fishing industry's growth.... Read MoreHayabusa Bass Fishing