Innovative Product Spotlight – WRM 202 Weedless Wacky SP

Hayabusa Fishing seeks to establish new innovative parameters in fishing hook designs, especially as it pertains to making a specific fishing technique more accessible in a variety of fishing situations and/or fishing conditions. The Hayabusa Fishing WRM 202 Weedless Wacky SP is one of our exceptional products that empowers bass anglers to fish finesse soft baits in heavy cover (usually where those finicky, cautious big bass are hiding). Go finesse, catch big bass … Use the Hayabusa WRM 202 to prevent those nasty snags!

Wacky worm bass fishing isn’t a new concept and there are a variety of twists on this popular finesse fishing technique, but no company has designed a wacky worm hook like the Hayabusa Fishing WRM 202. Because wacky worm fishing is so effective year round, especially on pressured fisheries, it has become an essential method for triggering ferocious bass strikes. Regardless of where an angler fishes, the wacky worm technique is quite effective, but there are some negative results attributed to wacky worm hooks.

In the past, anglers expressed their ongoing frustrations about the constant snagging while using wacky worm hooks. However, Hayabusa Fishing, after years of testing product, designed the WRM 202 to be the ultimate in weedless wacky worm fishing. Two brand new hook characteristics decrease snag ups and increase the amount of fish caught. The Original Loop Stopper in conjunction with the hook’s unique shape enables bass anglers to rig a wacky worm or soft plastic via the bait’s center, and in an interesting twist of performance, the wacky rigged soft plastic bait actually functions as a weed-guard!

Unlike other wacky worm hooks, the Hayabusa Fishing WRM 202 keeps your soft plastics secured in the same position, preventing soft plastics from incessantly sliding down the hook’s shaft. Furthermore, when a fish strikes soft plastics on this weedless wacky worm hook, the soft plastic bait collapses and provides a much quicker, deeper penetration in the fish’s mouth; thus, the hook up ratio, too, increases. Wacky worm bass fishing is quite effective in heavy cover, but many fishermen avoid it due to losing tackle and baits and/or the time constraints experienced by constantly de-snagging stuck baits. The WRM 202 instantly provides bass anglers with a cover-proof, weedless finesse option so you can tantalize cautious bass into reaction strikes or hunger strikes.

 This innovative product comes in a variety of sizes.

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