Cover Jig Head



Cover Jig Head
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The Reins Tungsten Cover Jig Head is perfect for targeting heavily pressured fish and fishing in ultra clear water. Featuring a 97% pure tungsten construction, which provides far greater sensitivity than standard lead jig heads, it also gives it a smaller profile that allows the Cover Jig Head to easily penetrate through holes in the vegetation and cover.

The Reins Tungsten Cover Jig Head is armed with a fluorine-coated Decoy Hook for lightning fast hook penetration, and its double-coned bait keeper will hold your soft plastic baits securely in place. Lastly, it is equipped with a 3-strand fiber weedguard that protects the hook point from snags and enhances the Cover Jig Head’s weedless capabilities. When you’re faced with tough fishing conditions, the Reins Tungsten Cover Jig Head will help you outperform the rest of the competition.

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