Sabiki® S650E – Hage Fish Skin – Aurora Finish


Main Line: Monofilament
Branch Line: Fluorocarbon
Hook Type/Color: H.KAJ157 Gold
Number of Fishing Hooks: 6

Note: All Sabiki® products feature Japanese Sizes (JP SIZE)

Coastal fishermen looking for a similar saltwater fishing rig with different Hayabusa Fishing hooks should consider the Sabiki® EX030 – Hage Red Fish Skin – Aurora Finish.  Minor differences between even similarly design products could make a difference on any given day, during any fishing trip.

Hayabusa Fishing manufactures Sabiki saltwater fishing rigs for coastal fishermen to catch fish.


Hayabusa Fishing’s Sabiki® S650E – Hage Fish Skin – Aurora Finish exhibits all of the required characteristics that directly contribute to an effective saltwater fishing rig. Experience the Hayabusa Fishing Advantage today. Hayabusa Fishing, The Pride of Japan, is recognized for its innovation evident in both the freshwater fishing hooks and saltwater fishing hooks, and the Sabiki® rigs are among the most popular products in the Hayabusa product catalog. Below fishermen can view this rig’s details and make an informed decision on which Sabiki® saltwater fishing rig to choose. Don’t hesitate to experiment with the Hayabusa Fishing Sabiki® D119E – Feather & Yarn Mackerel Fish Skin, as well.  It features a branch line with eight fishing hooks as opposed to the standard six.

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