Hayabusa Fishing WRM 202

The Hayabusa Fishing WRM 202 Neko/Wacky Worm Hook.  Want to catch more fish?  Want to land that giant each time you fish the Neko Rig?  The WRM 202 is what you NEED to improve some of your Neko and Wacky Rig finesse fishing.  When bass tournaments prove difficult, you can rely on Hayabusa Fishing for technique specific fishing hooks, like the WRM 202, to catch largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass when other anglers struggle.  Visit Hayabusa Fishing to access the latest fishing hook designs from Japan.

The WRM 202 Weedless Wacky Worm Bass Fishing Hook is one of Hayabusa Fishing's finest finesse fishing hooks from Japan.
WRM 202 for Neko Rig and Wacky Rig                               Bass Fishing

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