Hayabusa Fishing WRM 202

The Hayabusa Fishing WRM 202 Neko/Wacky Worm Hook.  Want to catch more fish?  Want to land that giant each time you fish the Neko Rig?  The WRM 202 is what you NEED to improve some of your Neko and Wacky Rig finesse fishing.  When bass tournaments prove difficult, you can rely on Hayabusa Fishing for technique... Read MoreHayabusa Fishing WRM 202

Introducing The TBL 930 NRB Treble Hook

Introducing The TBL 930 NRB Treble Hook Hayabusa Fishing customers are aware of the TBL 930 NRB Treble Hook.  However, more and more fishermen are learning about our latest treble hook series and many are seeing gains in their daily fishing as a result of using them.  For those fishermen who are just now experiencing... Read MoreIntroducing The TBL 930 NRB Treble Hook

The Hayabusa Fishing Advantage

Hayabusa Fishing grew a lot brand-wise in 2017 - from adding FLW Pros and BASS Elites to attending 2017's iCast.  The Fishing Advantage is coming soon to everyone via the web, and we look forward to each of you joining the brand's long-term movement in the bass fishing industry, general freshwater industry, and ultimately saltwater... Read MoreThe Hayabusa Fishing Advantage

FLW Pro Angler Casey Scanlon Discusses Hayabusa Fishing FPP Straight Hooks

FLW Pro Bass Angler Casey Scanlon Bass Fishing Video Flipping and pitching has become one of the primary fishing techniques for locating and catching largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass.  As such, bass anglers choose to use fishing hooks that are correctly forged for strength, hook sharpness, the proper shank angle, and a highly... Read MoreFLW Pro Angler Casey Scanlon Discusses Hayabusa Fishing FPP Straight Hooks

Hayabusa Bass Fishing

Hayabusa Fishing might be a new fishing company to United States' anglers, but Hayabusa is a well-known, highly respected company around the world - especially Japan, where our hooks are forged for long-term durability, practical application, and elite sharpness.  Over the last fifteen years, around the world, we have witnessed the bass fishing industry's growth.... Read MoreHayabusa Bass Fishing