Introducing The TBL 930 NRB Treble Hook

Introducing The TBL 930 NRB Treble Hook

Hayabusa Fishing customers are aware of the TBL 930 NRB Treble Hook.  However, more and more fishermen are learning about our latest treble hook series and many are seeing gains in their daily fishing as a result of using them.  For those fishermen who are just now experiencing Hayabusa Fishing products … Introducing The TBL 930 NRB Treble Hook!

Below we’ve included a graphic for the Hayabusa Fishing TBL 930 NRB – our most prized, sought after bass fishing treble hooks.   One of our valued bass fishing customers submitted an image of himself and a big largemouth bass that he caught with a squarebill crankbait.  Prior to using his favorite shallow diving crankbait, he replaced the manufacturer’s treble hooks with the TBL 930 NRB.  He had one of his most productive days in 2017, never losing a single largemouth bass. We are witnessing more and more bass anglers replacing treble hooks once their hardbaits are removed from the packaging, and Hayabusa Fishing is one of the leading treble hook manufactures that ensures bass anglers effectively upgrade basic treble hooks to elite treble hooks.  The slightest upgrade, significant results – that’s the essence of competitive bass fishing.

Hayabusa Fishing manufactures elite fishing hooks for freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing.  At Hayabusa Fishing, we widely recognize that the future of fishing is now!  To us, we identify the fishing world as an industry that is currently shifting to include companies who produce and/or promote today’s highest achieving global technology in the fishing industry. Hayabusa Fishing, though not a fledgling fish hook company, is one the fastest growing fishing companies in the United States and other important fishing economies around the globe. Our latest technology – NRB technology – is being harnessed to manufacture multi-purpose, highly effective fishing hooks that demonstrate superiority in sharpness and durability.  As an added bonus, our NRB (non-reflective black, teflon coated) fishing hooks damper reflective brightness that could potentially spook game fish.

Don’t hesitate to visit our online store to identify, purchase, and use Hayabusa Fishing‘s elite fishing products and advanced fishing hooks.  Thank you for visiting!


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