Ringed Circle Hook


Hayabusa Fishing’s Circle Saltwater Fishing Hooks are manufactured in a variety of sizes and materials:

Color: Black Nickel – 187711 – Sizes: #1 (7 per pack), 1/0 (6 per pack), 2/0 (6 per pack), 3/0 (5 per pack), 4/0 (4 per pack)

Features: Ringed, Turned, Barbed, and Forged


Hayabusa Ringed Circle Hooks feature forged, high carbon steel for incredible tensile strength and high corrosion resistance. Chemically sharpened technology hones the hook to a perfectly consistent sharp point. Hayabusa has set a priority to provide anglers a Ring that enhances the hooks overall performance by allowing the bait fish to swim naturally through the water eliciting more bites from the angler’s primary target fish.

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