Sabiki® EX126 – Real Scale Flasher


Main Line: Monofilament
Branch Line: Fluorocarbon
Number of Fishing Hooks: 6

Note: All Sabiki® products feature Japanese Sizes (JP SIZE)



Sabiki® EX126 – Real Scale Flasher – Saltwater Rig

Hayabusa Fishing’s Sabiki® EX126 – Real Scale Flasher is an elite saltwater fishing rig.  You can trust the Pride of Japan to manufacture the most effective and productive Sabiki® fishing rigs in the world.  Never settle for less! Experience the Hayabusa Fishing Advantage for yourself!  Please pay close attention to this fishing rig’s features and individual components. It is a premium saltwater fishing rig.  Hayabusa exercised tremendous engineered creativity to manufacture the various types of rigs, and the Sabiki® EX126 – Red Scale Flasher is one of our latest designs.  Because Hayabusa Fishing introduces innovative, highly specialized fishing products, fishermen of all types can expect only the best products.  If you want to effectively fish saltwater for baitfish and game species, start with the Sabiki® EX126 – Real Scale Flasher. Also, check out the Sabiki® EX111 – Gold Fish Skin – Hologram Finish as a productive rig to accompany the Red Scale Flasher.

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