Sabiki® S-602E – Hage Fish Skin


Main Line: Monofilament
Branch Line: Monofilament
Hook Type/Color: H.SDE194 Gold
Number of Fishing Hooks: 8

Note: All Sabiki® products feature Japanese Sizes (JP SIZE)

Be sure to check out a few of Hayabusa Fishing’s best-selling Sabiki® saltwater fishing rigs, as well: Sabiki® D119E – Feather & Yarn Mackerel Fish Skin and Sabiki® S650E – Hage Fish Skin – Aurora Finish.  Both of these fishing rigs, in addition to the Sabiki® S-602E – Hage Fish Skin, will help saltwater fishermen catch more baitfish and game fish.

Hayabusa Fishing manufactures saltwater fishing hooks like Sabiki fishing rigs.


Hayabusa Fishing’s Sabiki® S-602E – Hage Fish Skin exhibits all of the required characteristics that directly contribute to an effective saltwater fishing rig. Experience the Hayabusa Fishing Advantage today. Hayabusa Fishing, The Pride of Japan, is recognized for its innovation evident in both the freshwater fishing hooks and saltwater fishing hooks, and the Sabiki® rigs are among the most popular products in the Hayabusa product catalog. Below fishermen can view this rig’s details and make an informed decision on which Sabiki® saltwater fishing rig to choose. The Hayabusa Fishing Sabiki® D119E – Feather & Yarn Mackerel Fish Skin and Sabiki® S650E – Hage Fish Skin – Aurora Finish are great options, as well, for saltwater fishermen who want to use a variety of Sabiki® fishing rigs of different styles and sizes.

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