Sabiki® EX001 – Mix Shrimp – Glow Finish


Main Line: Monofilament
Branch Line: Monofilament
Hook Type/Color: H.KAJ157 Gold
Number of Fishing Hooks: 6

Note: All Sabiki® products feature Japanese Sizes (JP SIZE)

Fishermen wanting to amass a large variety of Hayabusa Fishing Sabiki® may consider the following two saltwater fishing rigs, as well – the Sabiki® EX020 – Pearl Fish Skin and Sabiki® EX030 – Hage Red Fish Skin – Aurora Finish.  Both of these fishing products, in addition to the Sabiki® EX001 – Mix Shrimp – Glow Finish, will catch more baitfish and game fish in coastal waters.

Hayabusa Fishing hooks like the Sabiki saltwater fishing rig catch big ocean fish and coastal water fish.


Hayabusa Fishing’s Sabiki® EX001 – Mix Shrimp – Glow Finish has the necessary rig characteristics that contribute to a successful day on the water. Fishermen who appreciate and value quality saltwater fishing rigs turn to Hayabusa Fishing, The Pride of Japan, to address their individual fishing needs. Hayabusa Fishing exceeds saltwater fishing industry standards each year. Experience the Hayabusa Fishing Advantage – that way, you can catch more fish, better fish! Below fishermen will find the Sabiki® EX020 – Pearl Fish Skin rig details he/she needs to make an informed decision on which Sabiki® saltwater fishing rig to choose. Coastal anglers and ocean fishermen who wish to choose from a variety of Hayabusa Fishing Sabiki® saltwater fishing rigs should try the following two models, as well – the Sabiki® EX020 – Pearl Fish Skin and Sabiki® EX030 – Hage Red Fish Skin – Aurora Finish.


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