Sabiki® S-531E – Squid Bait


Main Line: Monofilament
Branch Line: Monofilament
Hook Type/Color: H.MRS173 Nickel
Number of Fishing Hooks: 3

Note: All Sabiki® products feature Japanese Sizes (JP SIZE)

Saltwater fishermen will also want to purchase the Sabiki® EX120 – Gold Flasher & Fish Skin and Sabiki® EX121 – Gold Flasher & Fish Skin as essential saltwater fishing rigs, as they are both popular for capitalizing on aggressive baitfish and game fish feeding frenzies.  These two models, in contrast to the Sabiki® S-531E – Squid Bait, feature six fishing hooks extended on the branch line from the main line as opposed to three fishing hooks on the Sabiki® S-531E – Squid Bait.  

For a similar saltwater fishing rig (Squid Bait) with an additional fishing hook, please view the Sabiki® S-530E – Squid Bait.

Hayabusa Fishing Squid Sabiki saltwater rig fishing makes it easier than ever to catch ocean baitfish and game fish.

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Sabiki® S-531E – Squid Bait – Saltwater Rig

The Hayabusa Fishing Sabiki® S-531E – Squid Bait mirrors natural looking forage (squid) that larger baitfish species and game fish eat. As such, this saltwater fishing rig uses realistic aesthetics as a primary selling point, but it inevitably proves its worth time and again when fishing outings prove challenging. Phenomenal style coupled with equally essential, quality materials, the Sabiki® S-531E – Squid Bait offers saltwater fishermen the opportunity to capitalize on a squid-like forage feeding habits. Hayabusa Fishing is widely recognized as The Pride of Japan for quality manufacturing and engineering standards, and the Sabiki® S-531E – Squid Bait is an elite saltwater fishing rig that Hayabusa Fishing modernized for maximum fish-catching potential.

Coastal anglers will also want to purchase the Sabiki® EX120 – Gold Flasher & Fish Skin for catching quality baitfish and game fish. Experiment with the various Sabiki® fishing rigs to see which styles and components will work best during specific periods of your fishing season.

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