Wacky Jig Head



Wacky Jig Head

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Crafted in Japan from the highest quality materials available, the Reins Tungsten Wacky Jig Head utilizes the latest technology that will take your finesse fishing to the next level. Featuring a 97% pure tungsten construction, which provides increased sensitivity, a smaller profile, and a faster sink rate. This combination of properties will allow anglers to feel very subtle changes in bottom composition and easily detect strikes from light feeding fish. The dense tungsten composition also works together with a 3-strand monofilament weedgurad to effectively penetrate through cover and get your bait down into the strike zone quicker as well.

The Reins Tungsten Wacky Jig Head is armed with a shadow gray Decoy Hook that is coated with a silky smooth fluorine finish, which provides unsurpassed hook penetration. The neutral gray color also doesn’t reflect light and appears more natural under water to help get more bites from finicky fish as well. Offered in a range of sizes, the Reins Tungsten Wacky Jig Head allows you to be a more efficient finesse angler.

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