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Assist Hook 133 – TIN Single
Assist Hook 133 - TIN Single The Hayabusa assist hook is ideal for all types of jigs. The hook is designed with a curved and long tapered point and Hayabusa has applied a super anti-rust Tin coating which prevents corrosion and aids in retaining a sharp hook point.  The hooks components are made of strong Read MoreAssist Hook 133 – TIN Single
Hayabusa Bass Fishing
Hayabusa Fishing might be a new fishing company to United States' anglers, but Hayabusa is a well-known, highly respected company around the world - especially Japan, where our hooks are forged for long-term durability, practical application, and elite sharpness.  Over the last fifteen years, around the world, we have witnessed the bass fishing industry's growth. Read MoreHayabusa Bass Fishing
Hayabusa Fishing Images Hayabusa Fishing is the Pride of Japan and is the #1 seller of bass fishing hooks in Japan! No other fishing hook company invests as much creativity, time, and effort into creating, designing, and manufacturing incredibly versatile, durable, and appealing global fishing products. Hayabusa relies on digital media, social media, and fishing images
Fly 383 Nymph Wet Fly
Fly 383 Nymph Wet Fly - Fly Fishing Hook Hayabusa Fishing designs wet fly fishing hooks in a multitude of fishing hook sizes. Each size, of course, creates the backbone for a specifically designed fly.  Fly designers create external ornamental pieces that mirror a fishery's hatch.  In this case, Hayabusa Fishing manufactures the ideal Nymph Fly Read MoreFly 383 Nymph Wet Fly