Fly 373 Dry Wet Nymph


Hayabusa Fishing is widely recognized for manufacturing superior fly fishing hooks via a precise, advanced manufacturing process.  Fly fishermen around the world appreciate the many hook variations available for purchase – the many fly fishing hook variations that can be purchased, assigned a fly, and ultimately used for different seasons and fishing patterns throughout the year.  The Fly 373 Dry Wet Nymph is a multipurpose fly fishing hook – it can be used to create a topwater fly (insect on the surface) or to represent an underwater fly (insect drowned, floating beneath the surface with current).  The following fly fishing hook characteristics are present: sproat bend, turned down eye, standard shank, standard wire, and forged wire.

Fly 373 Dry Wet Nymph Fishing Hook Sizes/Materials

Black Nickel: #14 (25 per package), #12 (25 per package), #10 (25 per package), and #8 (25 per package)

Bronze: #14 (25 per package), #12 (25 per package), #10 (25 per package), and #8 (25 per package)


Fly 373 Dry Wet Nymph – Fly Fishing Hooks

Hayabusa Fishing is one of the world’s leading fly fishing hook manufacturers. Fly fishermen know the difference between quality fly fishing hooks and inferior, easily dulled, broken, or poorly angled fly fishing hooks. Because fly fishermen are so in tune with the products they purchase, no small or large detail escapes their scrutiny. Hayabusa Fishing’s remarkable manufacturing process ensures that each individual fly fishing hook meets the highest expectations. Fly fishing professionals recognize the Fly 373 Dry Wet Nymph a multipurpose fly fishing hook for dry and/or wet nymph fly fishing. Each Fly 373 exhibits the necessary physical components for exemplary dry and wet fly fishing activities.

Fly fishermen who are searching for the ideal wet and/or dry fly with a sproat bend, turned down eye, standard shank,  standard wire, and/or forged wire have come to the right page! Hayabusa Fishing manufactures this fly fishing hook in two styles: bronze and black nickel. Fly fishermen, fly tiers, and fly designers appreciate the versatility that this fly hook offers.  Beginners who want to learn how to tie flies should start with the FLY 373, too.  Due to this fly hook’s versatility, more fly designs are possible without investing money in twenty different hooks.  Go for sub-surface or top surface fly fishing with the Fly 373!


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