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Fly 356BL – Barbless Wet Fly


Hayabusa Fishing introduced fly fishermen to barbless fly fishing hooks with the Fly 354 Barbless Dry Nymph.  However, fly fishermen need to balance out the presentation since dry flies are effectively used far less than wet flies.  The Fly 356 Barbless Wet Fly will be used far more frequently throughout the seasons than the dry fly model.  This fly fishing hook’s sproat bend, turned down eye, standard shank, and triple heavy wire balance each other out and improve a fly fishermen’s chances of catching desirable fish.  Keep in mind, though, it is a barbless fly fishing hook.  While it is harder to catch fish with barbless fly fishing hooks, it also causes less damage than barb fly fishing hooks.

Fly 356 Barbless Wet Fly Fishing Hook Sizes

Bronze: #16 (25 per package), #14 (25 per package), #12 (25 per package), #10 (25 per package), #8 (25 per package), and #6 (25 per package)

Black Nickel: #16 (25 per package), #14 (25 per package), #12 (25 per package), #10 (25 per package), #8 (25 per package), and #6 (25 per package)


Fly 356BL – Barbless Wet Fly – Fly Fishing Hook

Hayabusa Fishing manufactures two primary barbless fly fishing hook models – one for dry fly fishing and one for wet fly fishing.  Both fishing hook designs and features differ greatly, but both exemplify Hayabusa Fishing’s, The Pride of Japan, high standards.  The Fly 354 Barbless Dry Nymph provides all the dependable topwater, above surface fly fishing action an angler could ever need.  Durability and sharpness equate to dependability, which is especially necessary in barbless fishing hooks of any kind.  However, as experienced fly fishermen know, dry fly fishing hooks aren’t used as frequently as wet fly fishing hooks.  Fish, especially trout, feed on the water’s surface at particular times, perhaps when flies of various kinds are spawning, providing a lot of surface feeding potential.  Wet fly fishing hooks, in contrast, are used most of the year as fish feed in predictable depths in the water column.  The Fly 356 – Barbless Wet Fly answers the durability and sharpness challenge … only with a barbless model.  Fly fishermen who value conservation at a higher level will want to use the various sizes and colors/materials, but make no mistake, catching a fish of a lifetime might prove problematic with the barbless model.  Even so, it would also prove that much more enjoyable.  This fly fishing hook’s sproat bend, turned down eye, standard shank, and triple heavy wire work together as a singular package of greatness, ready for instant fly fishing action.

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