WRM957 Offset Shank Fishing Hook


The WRM957 Offset Shank, like other Hayabusa Fishing products, is manufactured in Japan to the highest quality fishing standards.  Bass fishermen who desire a basic, yet strong fishing hook for most soft plastic fishing techniques will prefer the WRM957 Offset Shank as a reliable option.  Designed in multiple sizes for various fishing techniques, the WRM957 Offset Shank is an incredibly versatile fishing hook for recreational fishing and competitive tournament bass fishing.  Don’t forget to also test the WRM 114 Round Bend Offset, which features an angled modification to the WRM 957 Offset Shank.

WRM 957 Offset Shank Fishing Hook Sizes

Size 1 (8 per pack), Size 2 (8 per pack), 1/0 (8 per pack), 2/0 (7 per pack), 3/0 (6 per pack), 4/0 (5 per pack), 5/0 (5 per pack)


WRM957  Offset Shank – Versatile Multipurpose Bass Fishing Hook

Bass anglers who desire a quicker penetrating hook will appreciate the Hayabusa Fishing WRM957 Offset Shank bass fishing hook.   Hayabusa Fishing manufactured this fishing hook’s sharp point lower than the round eye. This design increases the likelihood of a solid, penetrating hookset. Bass fishermen appreciate the simplicity, yet effectiveness of this traditional Japanese bass fishing hook. Hayabusa Fishing’s offset shank holds soft plastic fishing baits in place, preventing your favorite artificial worm, craw, or creature bait from sliding down the hook and/or ripping easier and quicker.  Like the WRM 114 Round Bend Offset, the WRM957 Offset Shank is frequently used with Texas Rig, Carolina Rig, and sometimes Drop Shot fishing techniques.

The WRM957 OffSet Shank features an ultra sharp barb, original Hayabusa Fishing NRB (Non-Reflective Black) fluorine coating, and a ringed eye. Individuals who are looking for a more finesse fishing styled offset shank will prefer the WRM957 OffSet Shank.  Many bass fishermen use the smaller hook sizes for drop shot finesse fishing with a Texas Rig-like presentation.  Fishermen wanting to produce a different presentation than traditional nose-hooked drop shot soft plastics should consider this fishing hook.  Fishermen who know their fishing tackle instantly fall in love with the versatility of this bass fishing hook. Although many fishermen seek specialized tackle, multi-fishing technique products rule the day. Because many fishing tournaments turn into junk fishing, bass fishermen work best with versatile fishing hooks like this one. Because Hayabusa created the 957 for versatility, many anglers purchase multiple sizes for different techniques.

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