WRM958 Wide Gap Screw Lock


Pro Angler Ken Iyobe designed the Hayabusa Fishing WRM958 Wide Gap Screw Lock. Designed for optimum swimbait action and ideal medium-to-large craws, creature baits, and artificial worms, the WRM958 Wide Gap Screw Lock provides bass fishermen with the perfect weedless fishing hook. Hayabusa Fishing innovation is on display with the WRM958 Wide Gap Screw Lock: forged construction, NRB fluorine coating, and the perfect offset eye angle and ideal gap/space between the eye and hook point.

Ken Iyobe’s WRM958 Wide Gap Screw Lock Fishing Hook Sizes

#3/0 (4 per pack), #4/0 (4 per pack), #5/0 (3 per pack), #6/0 (3 pack), and #7/0 (3 per pack)


WRM958 Wide Gap Screw Lock – Multipurpose Bass Fishing Hook

Pro Angler Ken Iyobe designed the WRM958 Wide Gap Screw Lock fishing hook. Bass fishermen who fish soft plastic swimbaits and/or larger bodied soft plastics will instantly fall in love with this unique fishing hook design. The WRM 958 Wide Gap Screw Lock introduces anglers to a maximum-action-generated fishing hook design. The tapered screw lock widens to accommodate soft plastic baits without tearing them. This screw lock design keeps soft baits flush with the wide gap hook for an evenly distributed bait presentation. This hook’s wide gap and the tapered screw lock design makes a realistic swimbait and soft bait presentation possible. This design increases a bass fishermen’s odds in catching largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass. Bass anglers across the United States benefit from using this weedless wide gap hook all season long.

The WRM958 Wide Gap Screw Lock is 100% weedless. The wide space between the barbed hook, screw lock, and advantageous hook eye angle ensures 100% weedless functionality. The smaller fishing hook sizes work perfectly for finesse fishing presentations, too.  Like the WRM 956 Wide Gap Offset and WRM 959 Wide Gap Offset Heavy Duty, the WRM958 Wide Gap Screw Lock is designed with a forged wire construction and NRB fluorine coating (smoother hook penetration, camouflage), and a superior offset angle. Bass anglers around the world trust this unique wide gap screw lock fishing hook because of engineering evident in its construction. Although a lot of bass fishermen will use this fishing hook solely for swimbait fishing, it is a multipurpose hook. Fishermen prefer this screw lock design to other designs that rip soft plastics to shreds. Experiment with different types of soft baits, as well.

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