Fly 357BL – Barbless Egg Shrimp Fly Hook


Hayabusa Fishing introduced fly fishermen to two other barbless fly fishing hooks – the Fly 354 Barbless Dry Nymph Hook (for surface fishing action) and the Fly 356 Barbless Wet Fly (for sub-surface fly fishing, predominant pattern).  In both cases, though the emphasis is on different sections of the water column, both replicate a Nymph-like fly fishing hook design to match the difficulties experienced when fishing specific sections of the water column.

However, the Fly 357 Barbless Egg Shrimp Fly Hook adds another dimension to barbless fly fishing hooks.  As its name suggests, the hook features characteristics favorable for an egg and/or shrimp fly presentation.  Fly fishermen for freshwater fishing and/or saltwater fishing will find this fishing hook’s continued bend, turned down eye, double short shank, triple heavy wire, and forged metal material quite useful in catching big fish.

Fly 357 Barbless Egg Shrimp Fly Fishing Hook Sizes/Materials

Bronze: #16 (25 per package), #14 (25 per package), #12 (25 per package), #10 (25 per package), and #8 (25 per package)

Black Nickel: #16 (25 per package), #14 (25 per package), #12 (25 per package), #10 (25 per package), and #8 (25 per package)


Fly 357BL – Barbless Egg Shrimp Fly Hook – Fly Fishing Hook

One of Hayabusa Fishing’s finest fly fishing hooks is the Fly 357 – Barbless Egg Shrimp Fly Hook.  Barbless fly fishing hooks aren’t for everyone – that’s certain.  Some fly fishermen and anglers feel strongly about using a more conservation-prone fishing hook design while other fly fishermen, though they do care about conservation, are equally concerned with catching trophy fish.  Both a barbless and barb fly fishing hook have pros and cons, but anglers looking for a significant challenge – to test one’s fishing abilities – will prefer the barbless model.  And, hey, as the angler embraces a new challenge, he/she will also take better care of the fish caught – as barbless fishing hooks do far less damage to fish.  This particular shrimp fly fishing hook can be used for saltwater fly fishing and freshwater fly fishing.  Match the hatch is the name of the game, and to do so with the most natural fly and presentation possible.  Due to this fly fishing hook’s design, the perfect fly can be designed for the best possible results.

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