Fly 374 Nymph Fly


Hayabusa Fishing is a leading manufacturer of fly fishing hooks.  Whether fly fishermen are looking for wet versus dry fly fishing hook or the most precise-bodied nymph fly fishing hook, Hayabusa Fishing has a fishing hook ready to meet any fly fishermen’s needs.  The 374 Nymph Fly fishing hook is designed with a round bend, turned down eye, an extra long shank, and three times the heavy wire.  In order for fly fishermen to accurately re-create the nymph stage of mayflies, caddis flies, or stoneflies, the proper fly fishing hook must be chosen.  The 374 Nymph Fly is a sub-surface fishing hook as opposed to a dry fly fishing hook.

Fly 374 Nymph Fly Fishing Hook Sizes/Materials

Black Nickel: #16 (25 per package), #14 (25 per package), #12 (25 per package), and #10 (25 per package)

Bronze: #16 (25 per package), #14 (25 per package), #12 (25 per package), and #10 (25 per package)


Fly 374 Nymph Fly – Fly Fishing Hook

Hayabusa Fishing is exactly the company that fly fishermen trust for their fly fishing hooks.  Besides manufacturing an abundance of fly fishing hooks, there are a multitude of fish hook sizes in each product series.  Without a doubt, nymph fly hooks prove productive year round for serious fly fishermen. Fly tiers and fly designers look for fly fishing hooks that afford the most opportunities to make a variety of designs. Trout predominantly feed beneath the surface, so nymph flies are the natural choice for sub-surface trout fishing.  However, this fly fishing hook works for other fish species, too. Fly fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts see nymph flies in various stages and the fish feed on them.  The idea is to match the stage with an appropriately designed/styled fly hook.

Because nymph flies (caddis, mayfly, and stonefly) spend their initial development phase under the surface, being carried with currents, trout and other species aggressively feed on them. The Hayabusa Fishing Fly 374 Nymph Fly is the starting place to begin artistic nymph fly creation. The correct fly fishing hook simplifies the process and catches more fish. Whenever fishing flies underwater it is important to use durable and sharp fishing hooks that have the correct shank lengths, widths, and angled hook points. The Fly 374 Nymph Fly allows fly fishermen to feel confident in the fish hook’s composition and physical integrity. If you are creating your own nymph flies, then the Fly 374 Nymph Fly is precisely the hook you need. This fly hook’s round bend, turned down eye, extra long shank, and tripled heavy wire turn your fishing into catching!

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