WRM114 – Round Bend Offset Fishing Hook


Hayabusa Fishing manufactures bass fishing hooks of all types.  The WRM114 Round Bend Offset is a staple bass fishing hook for serious bass fishermen who frequently use soft baits and other artificial soft plastic lures.  Choose from a variety of hook sizes.  Each hook is designed and manufactured in Japan.

WRM114 Round Bend Offset Fishing Hook Sizes

#1/0 (6 per pack), #2/0 (6 per pack), #3/0 (5 per pack), #4/0 (5 per pack), and #5/0 (4 per pack)


WRM114 Round Bend Offset – Multipurpose Bass Fishing Hook

The Hayabusa Fishing WRM114 Round Bend Offset bass fishing hook changes the way bass anglers fish soft plastic baits.  Many bass fishermen will use the WRM 114 Round Bend Offset for creature baits, stick baits, and craw baits.  Manufactured in Japan with the highest quality standards, this bass fishing hook is designed with NRB (Non-Reflective Black), which is Hayabusa Fishing’s original fluorine coating.  NRB increases the likeliness of a solid, smooth hookset for greater penetration. This also decreases the likelihood of losing largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and/or spotted bass.  Each WRM 114 Round Bend Offset features a strong ringed eye and a sharp, durable angled barb.

This is one of Hayabusa’s top-selling fishing hooks for bass fishing.  Experience Hayabusa Fishing’s expert craftsmanship (ringed eye, forged, NRB, and elite barb) for yourself.  You will be hooked forever once you experience the Hayabusa Fishing Advantage for yourself!  Bass fishermen frequently use this fishing hook for Texas Rig, Carolina Rig, and occasionally Drop Shot fishing techniques. No other fishing hook manufacturer employs as much focused creativity in producing practical fishing products.  However, as with all new fishing products, bass fishermen must experience the advantage for him or herself.

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