WRM956 Wide Gap Offset


The Hayabusa Fishing WRM956 Wide Gap Offset fishing hook is one of the most versatile, multi-purpose products for soft plastic fishing lures.  It can be used for wider and bulkier soft plastics to ensure there is enough separation from the hook bend and the soft plastic, which enables bass fishermen to experience a solid, effective, and productive hookset.  Bass anglers who frequently fish with medium-to-large craw baits, creature baits, and thicker artificial worms will prefer this hook design.

WRM956 Wide Gap Offset Bass Fishing Hook Sizes

1 (8 per pack), 2 (8 per pack), 1/0 (8 per pack), 2/0 (7 per pack), 3/0 (6 per pack), 4/0 (5 per pack), 5/0 (4 per pack), 6/0 (4 per pack), and 7/0 (3 per pack)


WRM956 Wide Gap Offset – Fishing Hook for Large Soft Baits

Hayabusa Fishing designed the WRM956 Wide Gap Offset fishing hook to accommodate thicker, bulkier soft plastics. This fishing hook helps fishermen utilize different fishing techniques.  The WRM956 Wide Gap fishing hook creates more room for larger, wider soft plastics, which prevents rips and tears.  The space between the shank, eyelet, and sharp hook point provides precise hook penetration without interference.  Many fishing hooks are neither large enough nor wide enough for large soft plastics.  The disproportionate size between a fishing hook and large soft plastic bait interferes with deep hook penetration. However, Hayabusa Fishing solved this dilemma by widening a traditional Wide Gap Offset fishing hook.  Bass fishing soft baits collapse on this fishing hook when fishermen set the hook.  The s-shaped shank head creates a tight fit for your soft plastics and prevents artificial lures from sliding down the shank or ripping.

Like with the WRM 114 Round Bend Offset and the WRM 957 Offset Shank, the WRM956 Wide Gap Offset utilizes original Hayabusa Fishing NRB (non-reflective black) fluorine coated technology, which accomplishes two important fishing objectives: a smoother hook penetration (decreases puncture sizes) and serves as a type of natural camouflage on the hook.  Reduce snags, increase your hook up ratio, and reduce the amount of soft plastics you use. These characteristics make the WRM956 Wide Gap Offset an elite fishing hook for bass fishermen. The Hayabusa Fishing WRM956 Wide Gap Offset is manufactured in a variety of fishing hook sizes.  Choose the size that will work best with your favorite soft plastic fishing baits.   Experience The Hayabusa Fishing Advantage for yourself today and never look back!

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