NR Jig Head



NR Jig Head

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Imported directly from Japan, the Reins Tungsten Ned Rig Jig Head delivers unmatched quality and is specifically designed for the highly successful Ned Rig fishing technique. Featuring a tungsten construction, the Reins Tungsten Ned Rig Jig Head is much smaller and denser compared to lead jigheads of the same weight, which provides a more compact profile and increased sensitivity to feel the most subtle bites. Its perfectly cylindrical design with a flat front also keeps your bait pointed straight up at all times when on the bottom to trigger wary fish into biting.

Pair it up with your favorite micro worm, craw, or creature bait, the Reins Tungsten Ned Rig Jig Head is outfitted with a wire bait keeper that locks soft plastics in place and is armed with a needle sharp hook that penetrates with the slightest pressure. Finished with a chip resistant matte powder coating, the Reins Tungsten Ned Rig Jig Head is a must-have for Ned Rig enthusiasts.

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