Spin Muscle Guard


Hayabusa Fishing’s Spin Muscle Guard is the ultimate finesse fishing hook.  Its sharp V-bend technology accomplishes two major tasks: soft plastic worms and other bass fishing soft baits are held in place and rod action movements travel via the fishing rod to the soft bait. This replicates precise, life-like forage movement that produces reaction strikes and/or hunger strikes.

The black matte Spin Muscle Guard utilizes a flexible fishing hook guard that prevents snags while never interfering with superior hooking performance. This hooking performance is a direct result of the Hayabusa Original Point‘s press formed sharp and durable hook point and semi-twisted hook point.  Its low weight balance (achieved due the hook’s size and designed angles) maximizes attractive rolling action that drives largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass into a feeding frenzy.

This hook’s superior wacky worm and/or finesse fishing performance follows a simple process: hooking power travels directly to hook point with slight flexibility that allows the hook to penetrate deeper as the bass fights harder (reaches the hook’s first bend angle), followed by the final bend penetrating deeper and preventing bass from coming off.  The Spin Muscle Guard achieves what other wacky worm and/or finesse fishing hooks cannot – namely providing bass anglers with stable penetrating hooksets that actually dig deeper as bass thrash, fight, and attempt to throw the fishing hook.

Spin Muscle Guard Fishing Hook Sizes

#4 (6 per package), #3 (6 per package), #2 (5 per package), #1 (5 per package), and 1/0 (4 per package)


Spin Muscle Guard – Innovative Finesse Bass Fishing Hook

Hayabusa Fishing surges into the future with the Spin Muscle Guard. This fishing hook’s original V-Bend angles introduces bass anglers to deeper penetrative hookset power that capitalizes on largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass attempting to throw the fishing hook. As opposed to many finesse fishing hooks, bass will struggle to come unhooked with the Spin Muscle Guard leading the way. In the past, depending on how active bass might be, bass anglers were slightly cautious, if not alarmed, to use smaller hooks with more bend, but this new wacky worm fishing hook improves on traditional finesse fishing hooks by using a bass’ movements against itself.

Hayabusa Fishing incorporated a new fishing hook feature: Original Hook Point  (sharpness and durability) and a semi-twisted hook point. The press formed, twisted hook point supports the trio of sharpness, durability, and deep penetrative hook-ups. These three essential characteristics improve a bass fisherman’s day on the water. Stick baits, ringed worms, smaller wacky worms, flukes, or other soft plastics magically come to life with the Spin Muscle Guards’ potential for rolling, falling action.  This rolling, falling action tantalizes largemouth bass, spotted bass, and smallmouth bass. Because anglers seek even the most remote competitive advantages, fishermen keep it secret. Despite the overwhelming desire to keep the hook somewhat hidden, anglers learn the truth for themselves.

Spin Muscle Guard – Innovative Features

At times, catching keeper bass proves problematic. In such situations, the Spin Muscle Guard provides a different action than other fishing hooks, triggering finicky bass to feed.  This fishing hook’s low-weight balance technology allows soft plastics to mimic natural, forage-like movements. The Spin Muscle Guard works effectively in preventing bass from spitting the hook. The V-shaped fishing hook, coupled with the weed guard and Original Hook Point, prevent bass from spitting the fishing lure. But don’t take our word for it … Try it for yourself and experience this innovation firsthand. Due to its design, bass anglers around the world use it during recreational fishing and tournaments.

Key Fishing Hook Features

  • Hayabusa Original Point with Semi-Twisted hook point is both sharp and durable as a result of its pressed form design.
  • V-Bend fishing hook angles provide deeper fishing hook penetration and prevent bass from getting off easily.
  • Low Weight Balance in the fishing hook allows for more active rolling, falling action.
  • Guard Model provides a snag-proof finesse fishing hook in limited cover areas

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