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T90158A1 – Chesapeake SABIKI®


Main Line: Fluorocarbon
Branch Line: Fluorocarbon
Hook Type / Color: H.KAJ157 Red
Number Of Fishing Hooks: 2
Total Length: 23.6″ (60cm)

Note: All Sabiki® products feature Japanese Sizes (JP SIZE)

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 Chesapeak SABIKI®

The Chesapeak SABIKI® is made specifically for the Chesapeak Bay area where regulations allow fisherman to use only 2 hooks on a rig. The Chesapeak SABIKI® comes with 20lb main line and 13lb branch line. Made with Fluorocarbon, the rigs are strong enough to target Spot and Perch. This 23.6-inch-long rig is also very easy to handle. 

It comes with 2 rigs per package and is a great option when you want 2 hooks.

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