TBL930 Black Nickel Treble Hooks


Hayabusa Fishing’s TBL 930 Black Nickel Treble Hooks serve as upgraded treble hook material in comparison to the original TBL 930 Nickel Treble Hooks.  Hayabusa Fishing utilizes Japanese quality Carbon Steel to improve treble hook strength, durability, and sharpness.  Additionally, TBL 930 Black Nickel Treble Hooks feature a black nickel hook finish, which ensures each treble hook remains rust-free and each hook point/round bend design maintains its original strength despite repeatedly catching largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass.

TBL 930 Black Nickel Treble Hook Sizes

#8 (6 per package), #6 (6 per package), #5 (6 per package), #4 (6 per package), and #2 (6 per package)


TBL 930 Black Nickel Treble Hooks – Bass Fishing Hooks for Hard Baits

Hayabusa Fishing is widely recognized as one of the leading fishing hook innovators. This is especially true for the company’s exceptional treble hook designs.  TBL 930 Black Nickel Treble Hooks demonstrate this innovation in action. Many bass fishermen replace their inferior treble hooks with Hayabusa Fishing’s amazing treble hooks.  How many times have you lost a big bass while using hard baits with inferior treble hooks? The choice in changing out inferior treble hooks for more effective treble hooks literally means the difference between winning and cashing a check or losing and throwing money away. Bass fishermen do have control over changing out inferior, ineffective treble hooks.  Why settle for less when the opportunity to improve presents itself?

Hayabusa Fishing engineered the TBL 930 Black Nickel Treble Hooks in Japan with quality materials (Carbon Steel).  Though hard baits, spoons, and other bass fishing baits that utilize treble hooks are expensive, many of your favorite fishing lures feature inferior treble hooks that lose bass.  Poor craftsmanship produces inferior treble hooks. Hayabusa Fishing employs a manufacturing process that guarantees superior hooking power. However, Hayabusa Fishing designs, develops, and sells treble hooks that catch more fish.  Other TBL 903 Treble Hook product series are available, too: the TBL 930 Nickel Treble Hooks and TBL 930 NRB Treble Hooks.  If bass fishermen want to upgrade their treble hooks, the TBL 930 Back Nickel Treble Hooks prove worthy.  However, the TBL 930 NRB Treble Hooks surpass the other TBL Treble Hook models.

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