Beat Roller


Bass fishermen frequently say, “Match the hatch.” Of course, in basic terms, this means bass anglers who want to experience success need to adjust their bait selection and terminal tackle selection to match the size, color, and action of a fishery’s local forage. The black nickel Beat Roller is an unusually designed jig head that features a Flat-Sided head with a Twin Keeper. Both features work in unison to produce an unmatchable rolling action.

This rolling action, in turn, injects forage-like movement that triggers reaction strikes or hunger strikes. If fishing proves difficult, the Beat Roller is a fantastic option to catch largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass when other fishermen are stifled in their attempts to catch keeper bass. Don’t miss the opportunity to catch bass with this black nickel light wire, yet extremely sharp hook with an action-generating jig head.

Beat Roller Fishing Hook Sizes

#2 with 1/32 oz (5 per package), #2 with 1/20 oz (5 per package), #2 with 1/16 oz (5 per package), #1 with 1/20 oz (5 per package), #1 with 1/16 oz (5 per package), and #1 with 1/13 oz (5 per package)

  WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.


Beat Roller – Jig Head Bass Fishing Hook

Bass fishermen know that bass fishing lures with an active profile and presentation attract largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass. The Beat Roller separates itself from other bass fishing jigs and jig heads due to its unique rolling action. Hayabusa Fishing created the Beat Roller as a number one fishing option on difficult fishing days. This jig head hook works well when bass suspend near ledges, shallow flats, or rip rap areas. Bass fishermen need reliable terminal tackle hooks that will bring soft plastic baits to life. Thereby, anglers trick cautious, less aggressive bass to strike or feed. The keys to this jig head come down to its flat head, twin keepers, and rolling action. These three characteristics complete the fishing hook. Then, choosing the appropriate soft plastic bait becomes paramount. The Beat Roller is vastly more successful in creating a realistic presentation bass find appealing.

Beat Roller – Mid-Strolling Technique

Bass anglers use the Beat Roller for a Japanese finesse bass fishing technique called Mid-Strolling. In American bass fishing, it is essentially swimming and shaking a smaller profile shakey head jig.  Soft baits that mimic small shad-like forage work best with the Beat Roller. Hayabusa Fishing designed this product for catching largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass when fishing is heavily pressured or when a given fishery’s water clarity is extremely clear. The hard part is, bass fishermen – to make the most of the Beat Roller – must add life (movement that replicates baitfish movements) to the presentation. Quick rod tip movements while reeling tend to work well, but bass anglers need to experiment with the process. Whether a bass fishermen is predominantly a finesse fishing angler or a power fishing angler, the Beat Roller’s rolling action will help bass anglers catch bass when other fishing tackle fails to produce.

Note: If bass anglers would like to remove the Twin Keeper, simply pinch the Twin Keeper with pliers and remove it.   Once removed, a different movement and presentation will occur.