Finesse Guard


Hayabusa Fishing readily identifies the many fishing situations that could occur during a 24-hour period of time, much less during a 2-3 day major bass fishing tournament.  As such, each bass fishing hook design is a response to those many patterns – to help bass anglers maximize their opportunities to be successful.  The black matte Finesse Guard fishing hook assists with cover-related fishing patterns when finesse fishing and finesse soft plastics are productive.

It’s the ideal light rig design that features a double weed guard for use around reeds, buck brush, less dense grass beds, and weeds (all locations where bass feed and/or hide).  The Finesse Guard injects life into your wacky worm fishing technique and/or any wacky worm finesse fishing variations, including wacky worm on a drop shot.  A high quality hook point, made of forged black matte finish, and a ringed eye – this finesse bass fishing hook is a helpful addition to your terminal tackle when fishing conditions are tougher than normal.

Finesse Guard Fishing Hook Sizes

#4 (5 per package), #3 (5 per package), and #2 (5 per package)


Finesse Guard – Finesse Bass Fishing Hook for Wacky Worm and Drop Shot

Hayabusa Fishing specializes in manufacturing practical hooks that improve a bass angler’s chances of catching quality bass. Hayabusa Fishing hooks maximize opportunities that arise from an angler’s decision to use a specific fishing technique.  The Finesse Guard fishing hook features a double guard that deflects debris and minimizes snags in weeds, buck brush, stick ups, or small patches of grass.  Power fishermen and finesse fishermen constitute the two main groups of bass fishermen. Some power fishermen despise finesse fishing tactics. However, as evidenced by professional anglers and the techniques they choose during tournament hours, finesse fishing is becoming essential.  The best of both worlds increases an angler’s odds in catching five keeper bass, even if the bite is stingy.

But when wacky worm or drop shot become essential techniques, bass anglers need the right fishing hook. The black matte Finesse Guard is the perfect finesse fishing hook when effective fishing patterns are identified in limited cover as opposed to heavy cover when the WRM 202 Weedless Wacky or WRM 136 Weedless Sp work best. Traditional wacky worm fishing hooks snag, tangle, and pierce cover-dominated areas. Wacky worms, when used in limited cover, need some kind of protective deflection that decreases snags while also not negatively impacting the presentation desired. This is precisely why the Finesse Guard is an essential fishing hook option.

Finesse Soft Plastics

Finesse soft plastics on this fishing hook appear fluid and produce smooth movements that tease largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass into reaction strikes or hunger strikes. This is a testament to the hook’s u-shaped design and its ultra sharp hook point. Typical wacky worm fishing hooks often feature interesting designs but lack structural integrity. In contrast, Hayabusa Fishing manufactured the Finesse Guard with forged black matte material. Don’t leave the ramp without several packages of the different sizes and if you find yourself catching bass in the previously mentioned areas, your fishing arsenal will be available for capitalizing on the identified finesse fishing pattern.

Key Fishing Hook Features

  • Double Weed Guard prevents snags in weeds, buck brush, patches of grass, or any minor cover areas.
  • Hayabusa Original Point is a press formed sharp and durable hook point.
  • Black Matte Fine Wire fishing hook that works as a light rig in cover.

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