Spin Muscle


Hayabusa Fishing embarked on a creative, yet intuitive journey when the company engineered the Spin Muscle fishing hook.  Unlike traditional wacky worm fishing hooks or other drop shot fishing hooks, the Spin Muscle incorporates angled bends for a quick penetrative hookset and deeper penetrative hook-ups for when smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, and spotted bass attempt to throw and/or spit hooks.  Traditional wacky worm and drop shot fishing hooks, though they work well, do not offer bass fishermen such precise deep penetrative hooking power.  The unique V-Bend angles on the fishing hook make all of this possible, in combination with the sharp, durable Hayabusa Original Point (pressed formed hook point) and semi-twisted hook point ensuring fish don’t get off the hook.  The two primary hook bends are the critical physical features that differentiate this drop shot and wacky worm fishing hook from other standard hook styles.

Spin Muscle Fishing Hook Sizes

#4 (10 per package), #3 (9 per package), #2 (8 per package), #1 (7 per package), and 1/0 (6 per package)


Spin Muscle Hook – Wacky Worm and Drop Shot Bass Fishing Hook

Hayabusa Fishing strives to engineer revolutionary fishing hooks for specific fishing techniques. Finesse bass fishing, like wacky worm and drop shot fishing, typically include standard smaller, sharp u-shaped fishing hooks, with some slight modifications in size, sharpness, and/or weed guards. However, Hayabusa’s innovation spurred the development of a significantly, yet more effective drop shot fishing hook and wacky worm fishing hook – the Spin Muscle.  The Spin Muscle utilizes hook bends and angles to create a more precise and deeper penetrating finesse fishing hook. The hook bends are appropriately named V-Bends. The primary V-Bend (closest to the hook’s point) serves as strong, yet flexible point of penetration and the secondary bend facilitates strong penetrative action. As largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, or spotted bass fight solid hooksets, this fishing hook digs deeper. The Spin Muscle, though, can handle any fight, any sized bass.

As stated previously, Hayabusa Fishing designed the Spin Muscle for finesse fishing techniques. However, bass anglers primarily use it for drop shot fishing and wacky worm fishing. For those fishermen looking for a weedless option, the Spin Muscle Guard prevents snags on cover.  Or, if looking for a completely weedless wacky worm presentation, bass anglers may choose the Weedless Wacky SP.  The Spin Muscle demonstrates ingenuity that improves finesse fishing hookset to hook-up ratios.  No other drop shot fishing hook or wacky worm fishing hook functions as efficiently as the Spin Muscle. If wacky worm or drop shot fishing is part of your bass fishing arsenal, then you should give the Spin Muscle a chance to improve your odds of catching keeper bass. Despite being a smaller fishing hook for wacky worms, Hayabusa designed it to handle big bites and big fish.

Key Fishing Hook Features

  • Hayabusa Original Point with Semi-Twisted hook point is both sharp and durable as a result of its pressed form design.
  • V-Bend fishing hook angles provide deeper fishing hook penetration and prevent bass from getting off easily.
  • Low Weight Balance in the fishing hook allows for more active rolling, falling action.
  • Guard Model provides a snag-proof finesse fishing hook in limited cover areas (weeds, buck brush, grassier areas, some light timber areas, etc).